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Black Friday Sale FAQs

Black Friday / Cyber Monday

Slow Production Speeds still due to Covid. Sale orders start at 14+ Weeks!

We are trying to keep up as best as we can. Since we became short-staffed almost 2 years ago we recently got some new help, but it will still be a while until things are back to normal. We are working hard to get everyone's orders out as fast as possible but still, we have some delays and are behind on emails. We did not want to forgo our 17 years sale just like last year when we were overwhelmed. Many customers wait all year for the 20% off sale we do every year so we decided to let it happen again this year but with much longer production times than the normal queue. 

  • Our Black Friday sale will still happen as well at 20% off, but production will start at 14 weeks depending on the volume.
  • Stock items may take 2-3 weeks to ship due to volume during the sale
  • Production speeds are around 14+ weeks for the sale, we will raise this during the sale if needed
  • Email us if you have any questions or need help. We are behind on messages, so you may have to reach out several times as we attempt to keep up with both orders and inquiries.
  • Please only email for changes or questions on ordering, not the status of your order unless it's over 12 weeks. This helps us keep up with important emails and focus on getting the orders out! Every email we have to answer is less time we are working on the hoods causing more delays
  • We now ship 2-3 day DHL Express worldwide for international customers
  • Live Chat is still mostly offline until we get back to full staff and can keep up with orders
  • We recycled last years ad's and banners since we are focused mainly on keeping orders going out as fast as possible instead of having a fresh new ad