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Take our survey for new designs and what you would like to see in printed latex sheeting

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New items can be found here:

Quick Summary of the newsletter.

  • Survey with a 10% off code for giving us your feedback.
  • Click Here For Survey
  • New printed latex sheeting by Discipline District Designs. Tested by us for the last 6 months to ensure the print is permanent and does not rub off or fade!
  • New latex clothing and accessories by Asp Appeal. More to be added soon once we get feedback on what designs and prints people are most interested in. 
  • New Heavy 3MM Latex Purses by Rude and Crude Designs. Some are available in vinyl colors. 
  • New Heavy latex spiked collars and more coming soon by J Spank Bondage.
  • New Heavy latex body harnesses by Fauve! More designs coming soon
  • Rose Goudron's items can also be requested in printed latex by custom request now too
  • For all our new designer items you can email in for custom orders and requests and we'll put you in touch with the designer to fulfill your order.
  • Everything from new designers is always inspected by us to ensure it is of the highest quality and meets our standards before we ship it to you. We work with only the best and handle the orders so you can be assured you get a high-quality item.
  • We are looking for photos! If you purchase an item and email us a catalog shot (white background) we will refund you 25% of your purchase price or a 30% store credit if you prefer.
  • We have finally found a full-time employee to handle our back end, organization, emails, new vendor communications, and new product listings.
  • Do you have a high-quality item you would like to add to our site? Let us know! We are looking to return to offering a wide range of top-quality items and designers on our site as we did in the past before struggling with staffing issues during Covid.

Full details on our new items and printed latex.

We look for your feedback on what new prints, designs, and items to add next! 10% off code for your feedback.
Click here for the survey

Printed Latex:
3 years in the making and after 6 months of testing with Discipline District Designs, we are finally ready to release their lovely prints into clothing by Asp Appeal. We look to help expand their operation to eventually be able to offer their sheeting to other designers and crafters at a reasonable price!

They will be adding new clothing and designs to the site as we get more feedback on what people would like to see. For now, we are starting with basic stockings and circle skirts as we wait on feedback and the next shipment of basic clothing designs. You can email in to request a custom design and use the 10% survey code for your item. 

These prints have been tested by us and many of our friends and put through the wringer. We have tested gloves for weeks straight doing normal daily tasks that most latex wouldn't even encounter to ensure the print is permanent. We have been working with Discipline District Designs for over 3 years to get this accomplished. Sadly we started working on this just before Covid hit and it caused delays for them in starting the prototyping. Finally, 6 months ago we got the first prints for testing and were excited at the results and are finally ready to release it for sale after vigorous testing. Special thanks to Emma of perverse printing for helping to perfect this method!

Rude and Crude Designs - Purses:
NYC-based fashion designer makes amazing purses in heavy 3MM Rubber and Vinyl. We look to expand this to colors in the future based on their popularity. These are strong and durable and will not break. Custom configurations are available, just email in and let us know what you would like, or tell us in the survey!

J Spank Bondage - Collars:
Jae has been our master bondage gear maker for years which has expanded into making his own collar designs with heavy spikes. We are starting with just 2 designs but hope to add more soon! Custom configurations are available, just email in and let us know what you would like, or tell us in the survey!

Fauve - Latex Body Harnesses
Fauve has been working on several heavy 3MM and 1.5MM Latex body harnesses! Have a body harness design you would like to see in mind? Just let us know as we are taking custom requests now, or tell us in the survey!

Rose Goudron - Neck Corsets:
Rose will now also offer the printed latex on her neck corsets at a premium price. We also added color options for the neck corsets so you can get them in colors other than black. Prints on black will be the cheapest, colors with prints will be more due to the extra lamination work for each piece.

Custom Request for all items:
Don't see what you want or have a design in mind? All our vendors will be taking customs design requests. Just email us what you are looking for and we'll put you in touch with the designer. Your order will be handled by us and inspected for quality control before being sent to you.

25% Refund or 30% Store Credit for website photos
If you submit a catalog shot to us and we decide to use it, we will give you a 25% refund on your purchase price for that item, or a 30% store credit for any item. Catalog shots just need to be in focus and with a white background just like our site. We can handle any extra editing as well. Ensure that no other designer we do not carry is on you for the shot. For example, in stockings, you can just shoot the legs area for the shot.

If you are a designer we used to sell in the past or have items you think would be a great fit on our site, email us. We are looking to expand and resell other designers who make high-quality latex items so customers can one-stop shop for all their latex needs on our website.