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Sizing and Echange:

▼ Sizing / Measuring

To find your size, measure around the forehead along the brow line and for neck the thickest part of your neck. If you have thick hair, measure including how your hair will be under the hood as this effects sizing.

Our size chart has been recently changed. It now has more sizing and options for larger nose for a better fit with less pressure. Larger nose should only be selected if you believe your nose is larger or wider than most people.

Hood sizing is based on your forehead and neck measurement. If you don't see a size that fits you, custom sizing is free and we highly recommend it for free exchange if it doesn't fit like a glove. Just add your head and neck measurements in the notes section or email us after ordering.

▼ Free Exchanges

Sizing exchanges are free for most hoods and ALL custom sized hoods. We want to make sure you love your hood and can wear it for hours on end!

If you provide your head and neck measurements and your hood doesn't fit snug, comfortably, and to your liking, we will exchange it for free.

If you chose a stock size and the hood does not fit the way you want it, email us and we may still do a free exchange depending on how common the hood style is for re-sale, just pay return shipping($11 worldwide, $8 USA/ Canada) Buying it as a gift and not sure if your hood is eligible for free exchange? Just email us first to check. Common colors will always be accepted, black, red, white, transparent, and semi-trans smoke combinations of all styles.

To make an exchange, please just email or call us for the return address.

Hood Options:

▼ Thickness

Standard .33mm thickness is the most versatile for fit, especially when getting a stock size. They are comfortable to wear. We carry almost all colors in this thickness in stock and if it is not in stock we will be able to get it in stock fast for no additional charge!

For .45mm thickness. Custom sizing is highly recomended as the fit does not have as much flexability as .33mm. Eye and mouth shapes stay a bit more defined and the hood has an all around tighter feel for those who are heavily into the feel of rubber. Most colors are avilable in .45mm, and we can get it in stock for no extra charge if we do not have it.

For .55mm and .65mm thickness. These are for heavy rubber lovers only, that want their hood to feel like a piece of bondage. Very heavy and not for the light hearted.

For .25mm thickness it's a light-weight feel for those of you who want to feel like your not even wearing a hood. It's paper thin yet extremly very durable. We recommend no zipper as the hoods pull on very easy due to how much .25mm stretches. Colors are currently limited to Black, Red, White, Transparent, Semi-Trans Smoke Black, Semi-Trans Grey, Semi-Trans Purple, and Semi-Trans Blue for now. We are adding more colors each day so feel free to check with us to check availability of other colors.

▼ Vinyl Eyes

The unique vinyl eye hoods are made of a flexible clear vinyl that even if bent, will naturally reset to flat after a warm water soak or time. Though we encourage proper storage, it's good to know for those rush moments knowing it won't be ruined. They have been vigorously tested, and they will not break or come out int he long run. Some of our personal vinyl eye hoods are over a few years old now, and are heavily used.

All the colors are very transparent, just like tinted glasses, with the exception of the smoke vinyl. The smoke vinyl is dead black to someone trying to look in, but you can clearly see out just like sunglasses for a very anonymous look.

The vinyl eyes are currently available in normal shape, or alien eye shape. Got a different shape in mind? Email us first, or send a drawing and we'll make it that shape, no extra charge!

▼ Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair is available in a variety of colors. The in-stock colors are Black, Blonde, Bright Red, and White. Other colors available are auburn, brown, dirty blonde, green, blue, orange, yellow, pink, and purple. For non-stock colors an additional 2 weeks is added to your order to get the shipment in.

Take care of your synthetic hair and keep it like new with any over the counter baby detangle or wig detangler. Lay hair flat on a floor, grip tightly by the top of the bun and brush it out against the floor to make it look like new. Synthetic hair is also completely safe to wash.

Shine, Lube, Care and Storage:

▼ Shining your rubber

We recommend Pjur Original formula or cult for lube and shine. Silicone lube from the chemistry store can also be safely used.

You can also use wet platnium, BE WARE to check that your wet platnium does NOT say bodyglide anywhere on it, or contain "Tocopheryl Acetate" which is a name for Vitamin E. This oil is very bad for rubber and will eat away at your rubber and seams in just one use.

For protection against sun-damage or staining we recommend f21 super protectant or the armor-all equivalent. (The brand for car interior + Dash only) As far as they have stated it's completely safe for long term skin exposure, etc. Putting this on your garments before or after use will keep light colors from staining quickly, and protect against latex that is exposed to UV rays.

▼ Washing your rubber

We recommend johnson and johnson no tears baby shampoo, or a knock off equivalent. It's strong enough to get of any dirt or sweat, but gentle enough to not completely strip the lube away leaving your garment vulnerable to damage if it's not re-lubed shortly.

Alternatively you can use vivishine, just put a dash in the water you soak it in, let it dry, and it's ready to be stored.

If you need to do repairs, or send something for repairs, Dawn dish soap will strip away almost all the lube so you can properly do repairs.

▼ Storing rubber

We recommend against powdering latex for any reason! It's dry and gross, and makes your sweat drip white. All and all it's just bad.

Was your garments with vivishine and just let them dry.

Alternatively you can wash your garments and re-lube with f21, pjur, or silicone and store away from sunlight. Re-lubing your garments every 3 months is recommended to ensure they don't get dry.

Make sure the piece is 100% dry before storing in a zip-lock bag or other tight containers.

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