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About Us

Update on response times and Production time July 14th 2021

Quick Summary, full details below.

Don't feel like reading the details? Check out these bullet points for the highlights of the news and update.

  • Tara will be dedicated to emails, calls, texts, live chat, and social media messages only for the next several weeks. Communication and updates should be back to normal in 1-2 weeks.
  • Give us 2 weeks before you send new emails since we are handling them from the oldest to the newest and more flooding slows it down for everyone.
  • Jagua is our new hood maker in training. She is currently working on apprentice hoods moving towards production in the coming months.
  • Apprentice hoods will go live this week and be listed as she finishes them.
  • We will not be taking orders on apprentice hoods this time since we are too behind in general
  • Apprentice hoods will range from $75-99 depending on the final quality, they are still structurally sound and aesthetical flaws only. We exchange your hood if any seams lift or other issues.
  • If you are waiting on size exchange reach out again, no matter how old your order is.
  • Those who waited longer than 12 weeks should have gotten a 20% off coupon towards their next order, redeemable in mid-August or later.

We thank you for bearing with us as we struggled this last year from being short-staffed.


More details on the update

After a little over a year of being short-staffed from Covid and losing employees, we have two new employees. Emails and Live-Chat should get responded to within 24 hours now, getting faster as we clear the backlog of emails and messages we have not been able to handle. Our new hood maker is learning the ropes and this should also help speed up production times greatly and get us back towards a more reasonable turnaround time in the coming months as she progresses.

First, we have Tara, aka EbonyFetishGoddess. A lot of you may already know her and the community and events she runs. She has relocated here from LA to join our team today. She will be focused on only handling emails, calls and texts, the live chat, and social media messages for the next several weeks until we are fully caught up. We hope within week 1 we will get through the last 1.5 months of messages. Please give us a week before trying to contact us again since we will be starting in batches from oldest to newest and already have thousands of messages to go through. We will keep going through emails in 1-month batches until we get all the way back to May of last year for anyone who was missed. If you do not hear anything in the next 2 weeks feel free to send a message again in case it went to spam.

Second, we have Jaguar. She is our newest up-and-coming hood maker. She has been with us for a bit of training on hoods and is finally reaching the apprentice level. Just like previously you will see apprentice hoods start to get listed at a discount, ranging from $75-$99 depending on the quality of the finished item. All these hoods are structurally sound but may have flaws and minor imperfections that are aesthetical only. Unlike last time, we will only be listing these as they are finished. We will not be taking orders on apprentice hoods yet since we are just far too behind as a company and do not want to risk overwhelming our new staff. If you have a special size request you can send it in and be notified when it's finished. We hope she will be ready to make production quality hoods within the next few months and bring the production back down to 4-6 weeks.

Lastly, we want to thank you for bearing with us both this year and last year as we went through some hard times. I deeply apologize for the delays and lack of response but tried the best I could with being short-staffed and still having extremely high demand.
To anyone who was affected by long delays (greater than 12 weeks), I tried to send out messages for a 20% off coupon later this year. If you are one of those customers please feel free to email us towards mid-August or anytime after to redeem the coupon.
To those who need a size exchange or are waiting on one, please reach out to us again. No matter how long you have been waiting, we will still gladly exchange your hood to ensure you get the perfect fit!

Thank you.
Nemy & The Latex Nemesis Staff


Aug 2019 - Loss of Co-Owner James, back to normal production.

Earlier this year we lost James "Vanta Black" Co-Owner of Latex Nemesis and husband to Nemy. We are back to normal production after this loss, but email replies may be slower than usual as we focus on getting orders out on time. Please try emailing again if you do not hear back from us promptly.

About Our Team

Latex Nemesis is proud to announce its 16th year serving the community of rubber enthusiasts around the globe. Throughout that time, the company has generated a reputation for offering the best fitting hoods made with the highest level of craftsmanship and materials.

We began crafting gear from rubber to scratch a fetishy itch that began long ago and continues to the present, leading to our regular updates of styles and choices while also continuing to dream up the next new fun device or a bit of gear. If we think of something we want, we make it. If we love it, we make it for you! 

Because we love rubber ourselves, we understand the importance of a perfect fit and that comfort is key. Whether you are in a scene for hours, getting that perfect picture, or introducing someone new to the shiny lifestyle, rest assured that we will always be happy to exchange sizes for you so that our hoods are exactly as you like. See our Free Exchanges page for full details.

Our team consists of owners Nemy and Vanta Black. Our master hood maker Beast. J Spank is our restraint and bondage gear maker. Jaguar as our up and coming hood maker. Tara, aka EbonyFetishGoddess, working on behind the scenes stuff, social media, live-chat, and emails.