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About Us

New prices Feb 2024

Quick Summary.

Check out these bullet points for the highlights of the news and update

  • Last year we announced a coming increase in prices due to the inflation of a lot of materials and supplies since Covid. We put it off for another year in hopes that prices for supplies would go back down or at least stay the same, but sadly everything is still increasing even further. Due to this, we are finally raising prices to compensate for the increases in materials and supplies. Not all items are affected. Below you can find the list of changes. There may be changes to other items we missed as we catch them as well.
  • Rush and custom designs have been offline since before the sale and will remain unavailable for the next few weeks as we clear the queue.
  • Most items in the 3MM Bondage Gear category will go temporarily offline once the increase takes effect until we have time to assess the exact pricing. Most hardware for these items has gone up 4-5 times in price and the custom sheeting we have produced is also increasing but we are awaiting the new price lists from the manufacturer.
  • Shipping to International locations (outside the USA and Canada) our flat rate of $38 s/h will be removed and actual rates will be calculated by ShipStation. Sadly since Covid, a lot of international locations have increased drastically and we have been eating the costs in the hope it will go back to normal. Now new orders will calculate the actual cost to ship your item. Most common major cities and largely populated areas will still remain at $34-38, but for those who live on the outskirts, all of Australia, or less common countries, the prices can be upwards of $60 or more for the cheapest tracked mail between Normal Post, UPS, or DHL. This is even for a small 6-ounce package with 1 basic hood. We are looking into establishing a Europe-based ship location to help alleviate high shipping costs, duty, and fees on receiving items.

We thank you for bearing with us as we struggled this last few years from being short-staffed between the loss of James and then Covid hitting.

Thank you.
Nemy & The Latex Nemesis Staff


Aug 2019 - Loss of Co-Owner James, back to normal production.

Earlier this year we lost James "Vanta Black" Co-Owner of Latex Nemesis and husband to Nemy. We are back to normal production after this loss, but email replies may be slower than usual as we focus on getting orders out on time. Please try emailing again if you do not hear back from us promptly.

About Our Team

Latex Nemesis is proud to announce its 19th year serving the community of rubber enthusiasts around the globe. Throughout that time, the company has generated a reputation for offering the best fitting hoods made with the highest level of craftsmanship and materials.

We began crafting gear from rubber to scratch a fetishy itch that began long ago and continues to the present, leading to our regular updates of styles and choices while also continuing to dream up the next new fun device or a bit of gear. If we think of something we want, we make it. If we love it, we make it for you! 

Because we love rubber ourselves, we understand the importance of a perfect fit and that comfort is key. Whether you are in a scene for hours, getting that perfect picture, or introducing someone new to the shiny lifestyle, rest assured that we will always be happy to exchange sizes for you so that our hoods are exactly as you like. See our Free Exchanges page for full details.

Our team consists of owners Nemy and Vanta Black. Our master hood maker Beast.