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FAQs / Measuring / Color Chart / Styles

The complete FAQs You can expand The maroon boxes by clicking on them.

  • How to Measure

        To measure for custom sizing or to find your standard hood size:

    Measure around your head at the eyebrows, and use a mirror to ensure the tape is straight and not at an angle. If you have thick hair, measure including how your hair will be under the hood as this affects sizing. Include both measurements.

    Measure your neck at the center, the smallest part not the top or bottom. If your hair will be down the back of the hood measure over the hair as well and provide both measurements (to ensure we add room in the back and not all around for neck size)

    If you want to ensure a perfect fit or are unsure about your nose size, follow the instructions below.

    For nose and to ensure we get the best fit you can send in photos of your head from the front and side. If you have long hair please take 1 shot with it down and 1 shot with it up so we can see the full shape of your head. Please get your entire head to the top of your shoulders, do not zoom in as we need to see your entire head shape to adjust your pattern.

    A larger nose should only be selected if you believe your nose is larger or wider than most people. It will NOT give extra room in the nose area if you have a normal nose, and will cause the hood to be baggy and loose in the eyes and cause the nose holes to not line up. If you are unsure about your nose, we highly recommend sending photos so we can determine what is best.

    For your discretion, you can blur the eyes, lips, or any unique features. We delete these photos after notes are taken for your custom pattern.

    Size exchange is always free, since we specialize in hoods we generally get it right 95% on the first time. If you provide measurements and photos we'll cover shipping costs. If you only provide measurements we still offer free size exchange but you will have to cover the return and reshipment costs.

    You can send the photos with your order by replying to your order confirmation or attaching them to our LiveChat along with your order number. Our LiveChat is the safest and fastest way to email us.

    Some standard sizes can still be exchanged, please see our exchange policy below or email us to check.

    Size Chart

  • Color Chart

        We mainly stock 4D Rubber sheeting. For others expand the menus below to see pricing and availability.

    ▼ Textured Sheeting

    We currently keep several styles in stock. For different patterns or colors email first to check availability.

    Check out this item to see what is currently in stock or add this sheeting to any hood.

    Photos of Colors:

    ▼ Printed Sheeting

    We make these to order and can be printed on any 4D Rubber sheeting. To print on Radical Rubber colors you must add this item and the $30 fee for custom-ordered Radical Rubber sheeting listed below.

    To see available colors and styles check out this item or add this item to any hood.

    ▼ Radical Rubber Sheeting

    We do not keep Radical Rubber in stock. Please check for their full-color chart.

    To add this to any hood there is a flat fee of $30 to order the single sheet from a local reseller. A single sheet can make at least 2 hoods including any add-ons to match. For example, you only need to add $30 if you are purchasing 1 or 2 hoods with the selected color. Use this item to add $30 to your cart value by selecting 30 of this item.

        4D Rubber Sheeting - Standard Colors:





    Shown on hoods

  • Hood Styles & Options

    Hood Options:

    ▼ Thickness

    Standard .33mm thickness is the most versatile for fit, especially when getting a stock size. They are comfortable to wear and durable. Contrary to what some may think, .45mm is not more durable than .33mm. They are the same for durability but .45mm is a heavier and more restrictive feel on the face.

    For .45mm thickness. Custom sizing is highly recommended as the fit has less flexibility than .33mm. Eye and mouth shapes stay a bit more defined and the hood has an all-around tighter feel for those who are into the heavy rubber feel. Most colors are available in .45mm, and we can get it in stock for no extra charge if we do not have it.

    For .55mm and .65mm thickness. These are for heavy rubber lovers only, that want their hood to feel like a piece of bondage. Very heavy and not for the light-hearted. We highly recommend you email first before ordering these heavier hoods as they are NOT eligible for size exchange.

    For .25mm thickness. It's a lightweight second-skin feel for those of you who want to feel like you are not even wearing a hood. It's paper thin yet durable. We only use .25mm for the face panel of the hood due to how hard it is to work with. Colors are currently limited to Black, Red, White, Transparent, Semi-Trans Smoke Black, Vibrant Pink, Semi-Trans Grey/Olive, Semi-Trans Purple, and Semi-Trans Blue. Please email us for the availability of other colors and the timeframe or additional costs.

    ▼ Vinyl Eyes

    The unique vinyl eye hoods are made of a unique flexible vinyl.

    All the colors are very transparent, just like tinted color glasses, with the exception of the smoke vinyl. The smoke vinyl is black to someone trying to look in, but you can see out just like sunglasses for a very anonymous look.

    The vinyl eyes are currently available in normal, smooth, oval, or alien eye shapes. Got a different shape in mind? Email us first, we can custom-design almost any shape.






  • Hair Colors & Styles

    Hair Styles:

    ▼ Straight vs Jumbo


    Pre-Stretched hair is easy to maintain and keeps nice. If hair gets tangled you can use wig spray found here or use baby detangler spray to make it look like new instantly with a simple combing. Below are the colors we generally have or can get in-stock fast. See the guide in Special & Unique for how to find more colors.

    Pre-Stretched Hair gets thinner towards the bottom so does not look as good braided as the Jumbo style hair

    Jumbo Hair is a a lot more maintenance when left straight so it is braided by default. The hair is made of kanekalon synthetic hair and can tangle very easily if you do not use an ample amount of wig spray each time you use it. Even with spray and maintenance it can still become damaged and permanently tangled. Find wig spray here or you can find it at any beauty supply store. If you have an issue finding it, you can use baby detangler but it does not last as long.

    After prolonged use, you may need to re-braid the hair to make it look neat and get rid of any stray hairs that have come loose. You can find a guide here. Small rubber bands can be found at any beauty supply store or section of major stores

    ▼ Special & Unique Hair


    Here are a few examples of more unique hair. It is best to see below to search for and find the perfect hair so we can order it for your hood. For more expensive styles there may be an additional cost. Please email first with the desired hair to check if there is an extra charge. For different colors of the Pre-stretched or Jumbo hair above you can search by using the terms "pre-stretched braiding red" or "braiding hair red" Hair shown straight will always be the silky pre-stretched version. Hair that is in a loose braid will always be kankelon Jumbo style.

    To search for hair you can use Amazon, eBay, or AliExpress for the largest selection of choices. AliExpress will have every hair as a very low cost but can take 6-8 weeks to get in. Usually, hair from here is at no extra charge for even the most fancy styles. Hair is easy to search for by entering style, or style and desired color. For example, ZiZi braids purple. Each photo has the hairstyle name under the example. There are many more styles available if you wish to search for the perfect hair. All hair must have a loop or fold to be secured to the hood. Longer hair, like the 48-inch or ZiZi braids, is 48 inches long but can be cut to your desired length

    This hair can take 6-8 weeks to get in so it is not advised for stock items unless you wish to wait.




  • Wash & Clean guide before wearing


    Wash before wearing!

    Your hood may arrive nice and shiny but it is NOT ready to wear. The factory powder on the sheeting will absorb lube causing it to not shine well. It can also make the hood feel tight and uncomfortable, or not sit on your head correctly. The hood is only shined so we can thoroughly check it for any flaws or glue spills before sending it to you. This powder is removed from the face during production and inspection, causing the face to be a lot shinier than the rest of the hood since all factory powder was removed in this area. White residue may also be present in the cracks of the seams from the rag pushing the powder around with the lube. Fuzzys and debris may also be present from the cotton balls and tools we use in construction. A quick wash will fix all this.

    To wash your hood please use light soap with no special ingredients (no aloe, vitamin E, etc) Usually we recommend common dish soap. Gently rub the inside of the hood and outside to get up the factory powder. Rinse thoroughly and let it dry. You can re-lube the inside and outside at any time. If you prefer the inside to not be luby we recommend you wash it as described and lube the inside and outside then let it sit for 24 hours. Then wash again with only water to remove excess lube. Still, keep the outside lubed at all times.

    4D rubber is the best latex sheeting on the market because it is pure rubber and dyes, with no added chemicals and fillers like other companies. Their sheeting has a soft porous inside so the rubber will absorb the lube causing it to be silkly smooth against the skin even after the lube is washed/removed.

    We have found that unscented normal makeup-removal wipes can remove make-up, foundation, and lipstick that may be stuck on the hood. We recommend you check it does not have any types of vitamin E or oils in it. Just cheap generic make-up wipes or Neutrogena wipes (not liquid, this is untested and can potentially lift the seams as any oil can break down the seams)

    When putting your hood on and adjusting it be sure to never pull it by the eyes and mouth. These are structural points and can tear. We re-enforce them with .45mm triangles for durability and to make the hood last longer, but still stress on this area will cause rubber to break. It is best to adjust the hood with the palms of your hands to push it around into place. Should you need to move it by the eyes and mouth to adjust anything, ensure you are very slow and gentle to not put force on this area.

  • Shine & Storage Guide


    Shine, Lube, Care and Storage:

    • ▼ Shining your rubber

      We recommend BeGloss Shine Spray or Pjur Original / Cult for lube and shine. We prep all your hoods with BeGloss Shine Spay due to its unique anti-static properties which repel dust, debris, cat hair, and dog hair from your items if you have pets.

      You can also use wet platinum, BEWARE to check that your wet platinum does NOT say body glide anywhere on it, or contains "Tocopheryl Acetate" which is a name for Vitamin E. This oil is very bad for rubber and will eat away at your rubber and seams in just one use.

      We do NOT recommend any water-based lubes. they gunk up and cause the latex to get a slimy film layer that is hard to wash off or remove.

      For protection against sun damage or staining, we recommend BeGloss Shine spray or f21 super protectant or the armor-all equivalent. (The brand for car interior + Dash only) As far as they have stated it's completely safe for long-term skin exposure, etc. Putting this on your garments before or after use will keep light colors from staining quickly, and protect against latex that is exposed to UV rays.

    • ▼ Washing your rubber

      For first use, we recommend a full deep cleaning of factory powder as the Wash & Clean guide above describes.

      For follow-up cleanings, you can use water or we recommend a light soap like Johnson and Johnson No Tears baby shampoo, or a knockoff equivalent. It's strong enough to get rid of any dirt or sweat, but gentle enough to not completely strip the lube away leaving your garment vulnerable to damage if it's not re-lubed shortly. Just beware of anything containing Vitamin E ("Tocopheryl Acetate" ) or oils.

      Alternatively, you can use BeGloss or vivishine, just put a dash in the water you soak it in, let it dry, and it's ready to be stored.

      If you need to do repairs or send something for repairs then use Laundry detergent, Dawn dish soap, or generic dish soap will strip away almost all the lube so you can properly do repairs.

    • ▼ Storing rubber

      We recommend against powdering latex for any reason! Not only does it make your sweat drip white, but it is very bad for rubber. The powder will dry out your rubber and cause it to age and disintegrate much faster than a well-lubed garment.

      Was your garments and then re-lube with BeGloss, Pjur, other silicone-based lubes, or vivishine and let them dry. Ensure they are 100% dry before putting in any kind of sealed container or bag. Rubber can look dry but still have a tiny bit of water that is not visible to the naked eye. If the rubber is sealed in a bag it will grow mold, smell bad, or develop spots that may be permanent. It is best to leave rubber out for 24 hours, 12 hours on each side, to ensure all water is 100% evaporated.

      Re-lubing your garments in long-term storage is recommended every 3-4 months to ensure they don't dry out and break down.

  • Terms & Conditions

        When ordering you agree to all terms & conditions below.

    • Most questions can answered by checking out the full FAQs page linked above.
    • Production times are shown on each item. The start of the production time shown is based on when you provide measurements or details missing from your order if applicable (custom sizing, hair color, etc) NOT the date you order if additional information required was not provided. Please provide these immediately to avoid delays and check your spam folder for emails from us. Rush orders must be confirmed by us on Live Chat or Email only or will be ignored and the fee non-refundable.
    • Returns & Refunds policy can be found on our FAQs page. Full refunds are only if you wish to return your item within 10 days after receipt or if we are late in the production of your order. All other refunds are the full purchase price minus the non-refundable merchant fees we are charged, typically 4.5%.
    • You will get an order confirmation after you place your order and a shipment notification with tracking once we ship. We may not communicate with you aside from that. For 19 years we are still known as the world's best hood on the market, our queue is very busy and our staff is very small due to the extremely high-quality standards we require. To focus on getting everyone's order done as fast as possible emails checking in on production may be ignored if your item is not late. Please only email if you need to change your address, delivery date, or details of your order.
  • Privacy Policy

    Privacy Notice
    We package in plain envelopes and ship discretely with a return address name of LN Nov, if you prefer something else just let us know.  

    This privacy notice discloses the privacy practices of This privacy notice applies solely to information collected by this website. It will notify you of the following: What personally identifiable information is collected from you through the website, how it is used, and with whom it may be shared. What choices are available to you regarding the use of your data. The security procedures in place to protect the misuse of your information. How you can correct any inaccuracies in the information. Wherever we collect sensitive information (such as credit card data), that information is encrypted and transmitted to us in a secure way. You can verify this by looking for a lock icon in the address bar and looking for "https" at the beginning of the address of the Web page. While we use encryption to protect sensitive information transmitted online, we also protect your information offline. Only employees who need the information to perform a specific job (for example, billing or customer service) are granted access to personally identifiable information. The computers/servers in which we store personally identifiable information are kept in a secure environment.

    If you feel that we are not abiding by this privacy policy, you should contact us immediately via telephone or via email.

    We request information from you on our order form. To buy from us, you must provide contact information (like name and shipping address) and financial information (like credit card number, expiration date). This information is used for billing purposes and to fill your orders. If we have trouble processing an order, we'll use this information to contact you. We use "cookies" on this site. A cookie is a piece of data stored on a site visitor's hard drive to help us improve your access to our site and identify repeat visitors to our site. For instance, when we use a cookie to identify you, you would not have to log in with a password more than once, thereby saving time while on our site. Cookies can also enable us to track and target the interests of our users to enhance the experience on our site. Usage of a cookie is in no way linked to any personally identifiable information on our site.

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    Your Access to and Control Over Information  You may opt out of any future contacts from us at any time. You can do the following at any time by contacting us via the email address or phone number given on our website:

    -See what data we have about you, if any. Change/correct any data we have about you. Have us delete any data we have about you. Express any concern you have about our use of your data.

  • Shipping & Returns


    We ship worldwide for a flat rate of $11 USA, and $38 worldwide unless marked otherwise.  Soon increasing to actual calculated rates

    Discrete shipping and payment processing under the name "LN Nov" or "LN Novelty" in plain padded envelopes or boxes.

    Returns Policy Sizing exchanges are free for most hoods if you provide measurements with your order. We want to make sure you love your hood and can wear it for hours on end! Not sure if your hood is eligible for free exchange? See the size exchange FAQs or just email us first to check. To make an exchange, please just email, live chat, or call us for the return address and instructions. Do NOT send a hood back until you have confirmation from us. If you receive your item and are unhappy with it you can return it for a full refund within 10 days. If you need to return an item, please contact us with your order number and details about the product you would like to return. We will respond quickly with instructions for how to return items from your order if it is eligible. Rush fees are non-refundable.

  • Free Size Exchange


    If you provide your measurements & photos and your hood does not fit perfectly, we will exchange it for free until it fits perfectly! As always, custom sizing is free, please follow the measuring guide to ensure a proper fit! If you did not provide this (which is free and easy!), we may not accept your hood for a size exchange. If you cannot measure and are unsure on fit, please email to check if your hood is eligible with standard sizing. Only hoods with custom sizing will be re-made immediately. People who choose not to send in their measurements may be declined or delayed if we accept the exchange.

    Free size exchange applies to hoods only, other items may be eligible, please inquire to find out if you are unsure. If you order a standard size we will most likely offer free exchange granted it is not a unique or uncommon color or style. If you are unsure, feel free to email to check if your hood is eligible first.

    For large and complex orders, if your have not ordered with us before and are worried about fit, we can first send you a basic hood ahead of your order for size fitting to ensure your entire order will fit perfectly when we make it.

    Should anything go wrong with your hood please contact us; we will fix a variety of issues, and a lot of the time we do it for free. We will always cover production flaws and mistakes, though rare, should it happen!

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