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First – Family, don't tell my mom. I blocked her from this post so she doesn't see this. I don't need her having a heart attack thinking someone is going to kill me, thx!
Second – To my customers, all customer data and emails are protected by 2-factor authentication to get into by my phone so all my data is secure. He has never in 3+ years shown to have any real skills and never broken into anyone's email/account.
Third – If you have been affected by this psycho please reach out to me and forward anything you have. I am making a collection in hopes that something will lead back to the real person.
Fourth – Do NOT share/re-post/tweet this publicly, if you wish to help and share make sure it is set to friends only! I do not want someone helping to get targeted like me!
Summary – long story at the bottom.
Someone in my vast reach of friends and customers must be in or know someone who can help. I need someone who is in Gov. CyberSecurty or a Legit Hacker to find this personal real identity and make him stop. Also, someone who just works for Facebook or Instagram to help get my flagged accounts restored – or possibly that can see the person reporting and any private IP/email or other information the above person could use to track them down further as he makes fake accounts over and over.
Latex Nemesis has been under attack from a crazy stalker for the last 4 days. This person is targeting my business and getting me banned from Facebook/Instagram. Instagram just went down yesterday and Facebook should be soon as he keeps flagging posts. Based on his MO with others, it will not stop there. He has been stalking people in our community for 3+ years religiously.
Why is he after Latex Nemesis? Well, you have to read the long story, but a quick summary of how crazy this guy is – basically because I sold a hood to someone who made a tweet that was insensitive towards a minority group 3+ years ago. I have no connection to this person except she bought a hood on the site and she tagged me on Instagram... but apparently this is what he has done for the last 3+ years towards anyone who works with her or is associated with her in any way.
Someone in our massive following must be able to help, whether you are in Gov. cybersecurity or a legit hacker, and can figure out his identity so I can make him stop. I cannot restore or create a new IG/FB until he is stopped, like the many other people he harnesses, he never gives up. Some have been getting banned over and over for years due to this one stalker. I only recently found out all of this when he set his sights on me and my company.
Also, someone who works for IG/FB would be able to help restore my accounts, as getting through to them is next to impossible for appeals according to everything I looked up. None of my posts violate their guidelines, the stuff he flagged was even the more vanilla posts from 2+ years ago in my feed that my late husband posted. I have always been very careful about what I post and thought nothing would come from this, but apparently, their algorithms are automatic and not based on any real violations or substance.
If you or someone you know can help please let me know. I can even pay if need be since this is affecting business and needs to be resolved.
Before the long story, I warn everyone to be careful of any association with Natalie Mars. I do not know her personally and have nothing against her personally, but this all spawned from a photo she tagged me in of my Wide Eye Hood she purchased on the website. From what I have been told she said something 3+ years ago on twitter after the pulse incident that was not good about the minority involved that got this stalker on her and he has been harassing anyone associated with her for 3+ years now. Personally, I think she should have warned followers, people she works with, or not tagged people to save them from this pain as she is well aware of this and what this guy does to people. This guy has ruined lives, not just banning accounts, but also outing lifestyle fetishist to their family or work, posting their legal name and address everywhere, and then also harassing their family and making death threats to their poor old moms... This person is extremely crazy and needs to be stopped.
The loooooong story if you care to read:
Where to begin. I only was made privy of this a few days ago once he targeted me. Before that, I had heard this crazy unbelievable stalker story from my best friend and never thought much about it. 4 hours after Natalie Mars posted a photo in my hood and tagged me (which thousands of followers and customers do) this all started and he set his sights on me for some ungodly reason. I have nothing against Natalie personally, I do not know her more than a “customer” and was not warned about this guy. I do not know or share her views, yet for some reason just being “associated” in any way with her triggers this person's rage. Apparently, as I found out, selling her a hood counts... crazy.
I double-checked my Facebook and Instagram (business) just for safety to ensure no posts could be “violations” and even set up some Ads to try and insulate and protect myself once this began, but apparently, that did not work. My Instagram is now banned and my Facebook is coming next since the reports have already started about a day after IG. My 30k+ followers is a big part of my revenue stream so this is a pretty big deal to me and I do enjoy making customers feel good by sharing their posts with the world and getting them more followers.
Anyways, I trail off. So from all, I gathered over the last 3 days from multiple friends this guy has also harassed for years, he never stops. He has posted their legal name and address all over their and their friends IG/FB/Twitter over and over. He just creates new IG/FB and email addresses over and over to send them harassing and threatening emails. Every time they try to rebuild, he just starts the flagging again until they get banned. He has even gone so far as to out those who are private to their family or work. Share explicit pics/videos with their family and work. Harass their parents and send death threats to their parents directly... Absolute crazy...
Reading through all the emails and the ones everyone has forwarded to me from him so far, he is disgusted at anyone who is anti-his minority group is how this started, but it's also now anyone who is into fetish or a sex worker in general regardless if they are prejudice or not.
Please reach out to me here if you can help Please share this with anyone you know and remember to keep it private so he does NOT target you!!!