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Shine & Care of Latex

Shine, Lube, Care and Storage:

▼ Shining your rubber

We recommend BeGloss or Pjur original / cult for lube and shine.

You can also use wet platinum, BEWARE to check that your wet platinum does NOT say bodyglide anywhere on it, or contain "Tocopheryl Acetate" which is a name for Vitamin E. This oil is very bad for rubber and will eat away at your rubber and seams in just one use.

For protection against sun-damage or staining we recommend BeGloss Shine spray or f21 super protectant or the armor-all equivalent. (The brand for car interior + Dash only) As far as they have stated it's completely safe for long term skin exposure, etc. Putting this on your garments before or after use will keep light colors from staining quickly, and protect against latex that is exposed to UV rays.


▼ Washing your rubber

We recommend johnson and johnson no tears baby shampoo, or a knock off equivalent. It's strong enough to get of any dirt or sweat, but gentle enough to not completely strip the lube away leaving your garment vulnerable to damage if it's not re-lubed shortly.

Alternatively you can use BeGloss or vivishine, just put a dash in the water you soak it in, let it dry, and it's ready to be stored.

If you need to do repairs, or send something for repairs, Laundry detergent or Dawn dish soap will strip away almost all the lube so you can properly do repairs.


▼ Storing rubber

We recommend against powdering latex for any reason! Not only does it make your sweat drip white, but it is very bad for rubber. The powder will dry out your rubber and cause it to age and disintegrate much faster than a well lubed garment.

Was your garments with BeGloss or vivishine and just let them dry.

Alternatively you can wash your garments and re-lube with BeGloss, pjur, or other silicone lubes and store away from sunlight. Re-lubing your garments every 3 months is recommended to ensure they don't get dry.

Make sure the piece is 100% dry before storing in a zip-lock bag or other tight containers as it can grow mold if there is any moisture.