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Measuring & Size Chart

To measure for custom sizing or to find your standard hood size:

Measure around your head at the eyebrows, use a mirror to ensure the tape is straight and not at an angle. If you have thick hair, measure including how your hair will be under the hood as this effects sizing. Include both measurements.

Measure your neck at the center, the smallest part not the top or bottom. If your hair will be down the back of the hood measure over the hair as well and provide both measurements (to ensure we add room in the back and not all around for neck size)

If you want to ensure a perfect fit or are unsure on your nose size, see here:

For nose and to ensure we get the best fit you can send in photos of your head from the front and side. If you have long hair please take 1 shot with it down and 1 shot with it up so we can see the full shape of your head. Please get your entire head to the top of your shoulders, do not zoom in as we need to see your entire head shape to adjust your pattern.

Larger nose should only be selected if you believe your nose is larger or wider than most people. It will NOT give extra room in the nose area if you have a normal nose, and will cause the hood to be baggy and loose in the eyes as well as the nose holes not lining up. If you are unsure about your nose, we highly recommend sending photos so we can determine.

For discretion, you can blur the eyes and lips, or any unique features. We delete these photos after notes are taken for your custom pattern.

Size exchange is always free if your fit is off, since we specialize in hoods we generally get it right 95% on the first time.

You can send photos to or attach them on our LiveChat. Our LiveChat is the safest and fastest way to email us.

Free Size Exchange if you provide measurements. Some standard sizes can still be exchanged, please see our exchange policy here or email us to check.