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Textured Latex Hood Add-On

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This item can be added to any order to change your hood from normal colors to any of the textures

Just add this item and put in the notes box which hood it is for if you order more than one.


Face only. The face will be textured and side and back will be normal color. Example - Black Main color, sides back panel, neck with Trans-Leopard Face with Black Trim.

Side, back, and neck only. The entire hood will be the print and the face a solid color. Example Red leopard Sides, Back Panel, Neck and Smoke Face with Black trim

Solid. The entire hood will be in the texture. Please specify if you want the trim a solid color, hidden inside, or matching the texture.

If you want this texture on the blindfold and mouth cover / gags. Please email / Live chat to get a custom quote to order, as we are still working on the item

If you are unsure you can email us or live chat to confirm, or just put the style you want in the notes box.

Email us to see estimated re-stock for out-of-stock items or colors and styles not shown

▼ Textured Sheeting

We currently keep several styles in stock. For different patterns or colors email first to check availability.

Check out this item to see what is currently in stock or add this sheeting to any hood.

Photos of Colors: