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Heavy 3mm rubber restraints

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Heavy duty 3mm rubber collar. Made of super strong rubber with almost no stretch. This rubber is very resilient and durable, fully capable of withstanding as much force and weight as leather restraints!

Shines up just like all your other rubber items for a slick shiny look. Since it is as strong, it is a great way to replace any leather goods you may have, as these items will not rip your rubber from friction!

Available in 3mm super resilient black or white rubber, 3mm thick. Lastly we have many colors of 3mm vinyl that is fully suspendable for extreme force and use. For black and white, we use the rubber for the base, and vinyl for the strap making them indestructible. Other colors will be both base and strap in vinyl. Also available in 2 tone.

Restraints fit the following size by default: (Min and max) Wrist - 5.5" to 9" Ankle / Upper arm - 8" to 12" Thigh - 17" to 25"

Custom sizing is free!

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  • 5
    Truly impressed

    Posted by Mason on Aug 21st 2023

    We ordered these to replace a worn set of leather restraints that had been in use for a couple years, and we're still in awe of how nice they are. These are absolutely the most well-constructed restraints I have ever used, regardless of material. The custom sizing will give you more than enough wiggle room if you're an atypical size, definitely worth it. I didn't understand the locking option at first but I would very highly recommend it. It replaces the standard rod-shaped piece that goes through the buckles with circular ones, which not only allow locks if you desire but make them astonishingly easy to put on and take off. Big quality of life improvement. These have a pleasant smell, not too overpowering after you wash them the first time, and very little stretch. Just enough to remind you they're made of rubber. Speaking of: the rubber is strong, like enough to hold down anybody without inhuman strength. All the hardware is excellent quality stainless steel as well.

    We had to wait longer than usual for everything to ship; but that's because we had an issue with a previous order, and Nemy was so very helpful and willing to do everything to make it right. The customer service really is best in class. If you're on the fence, just do yourself a favor and order it! The wait can be long but that's the price you pay for quality. You won't regret it.

  • 5
    Rubber Restraints - Amazing Quality

    Posted by Anthony Murray on Jul 13th 2023

    I was into getting a new pair of wrist restraints to replace my neoprene restraints as they were falling apart. Since I have bought hoods from LN in the past, I thought I might buy a set of their wrist and ankle restraints as well! I got them during the store's In-stock sale. The restraints feel heavy but they are strong. I can wear them with my catsuit or for self-bondage activities.

  • 5
    Amazing Restraints

    Posted by Ashley on Apr 7th 2021

    I am in love with these. I got the full set (waist, posture, etc etc) and it is by far one of the best investments I have ever made!

  • 5
    Bondage restraints

    Posted by Nikolai on Sep 2nd 2020

    Haven’t had to put them through the ringer yet, but the build quality looks fantastic! I bought some cheaper neoprene rubber cuffs a few years back (Not from latex nemesis) and the locking buckles broke, and the notches/eyelets broke. I expressed these concerns to LN and they assured me of the quality of their product. I’ll give five stars at moment. We’ll see if the hold up to a 5 Star bondage session later this weekend

  • 5
    Heavy 3mm rubber restraints

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 15th 2020

    It’s so heavy and strong that feels like I can go for a fight.

  • 5
    Heavy rubber restraint

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 22nd 2019

    Very strong. Good products.

  • 5
    Amazing Quality.

    Posted by Ryan on Aug 5th 2019

    LN is known for their hoods/masks so I was expecting a quality item but, I was completely caught off guard when I opened the package. These restraints could be used for high end shoots or rough play right out of the bag. Every detail was considered when they were made to make them functional and visually appealing.

    Visuals: 10/10
    Construction: 10/10
    Lifetime: 10/10
    Smell: 9/10

    Visually these restraints are the best I’ve ever seen. The thickness is perfect in the sense that it wraps nicely without looking chunky or flimsy. The shine (out of package) was also appealing, after a slight washing and a little polish these could out-stage even main attire. The metal hardware is quality, no rough edges or uneven plating.

    The construction is top notch. The eyelets are not finished with metal hardware yet, still perfectly cutout. The thickness of the latex gives me a lot of confidence in the overall durability. Rivets are done very professionally, used sparingly as to not decrease the integrity of the latex.

    I imagine these restraints becoming an old favorite so long as they are maintained well. Time and attention were spent on making these and there is no doubt in my mind they could last a lifetime.

    I was a little disappointed in the smell, I was expecting a strong latex smell. This could be good for some people or a little lacking for others but overall not a huge deal. It is worth noting for those who are not into the smell of latex that these restraints have very little odor given the amount of latex used..

    I would and have recommended these to anyone interested in latex restraints.