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Magnetic Hair

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  • Hair Colors & Styles

    Hair Styles:

    ▼ Straight vs Jumbo

    Pre-Stretched hair is easy to maintain and keeps nice. If hair gets tangled you can use wig spray found here or use baby detangler spray to make it look like new instantly with a simple combing. Below are the colors we generally have or can get in-stock fast. See the guide in Special & Unique for how to find more colors.

    Pre-Stretched Hair gets thinner towards the bottom so does not look as good braided as the Jumbo style hair

    Jumbo Hair is a a lot more maintenance when left straight so it is braided by default. The hair is made of kanekalon synthetic hair and can tangle very easily if you do not use an ample amount of wig spray each time you use it. Even with spray and maintenance it can still become damaged and permanently tangled. Find wig spray here or you can find it at any beauty supply store. If you have an issue finding it, you can use baby detangler but it does not last as long.

    After prolonged use, you may need to re-braid the hair to make it look neat and get rid of any stray hairs that have come loose. You can find a guide here. Small rubber bands can be found at any beauty supply store or section of major stores

    ▼ Special & Unique Hair

    Here are a few examples of more unique hair. It is best to see below to search for and find the perfect hair so we can order it for your hood. For more expensive styles there may be an additional cost. Please email first with the desired hair to check if there is an extra charge.

    For different colors of the Pre-stretched or Jumbo hair above you can search by using the terms "pre-stretched braiding red" or "braiding hair red" Hair shown straight will always be the silky pre-stretched version. Hair that is in a loose braid will always be kankelon Jumbo style.

    To search for hair you can use Amazon, eBay, or AliExpress for the largest selection of choices. AliExpress will have every hair as a very low cost but can take 6-8 weeks to get in. Usually, hair from here is at no extra charge for even the most fancy styles. Hair is easy to search for by entering style, or style and desired color. For example, ZiZi braids purple. Each photo has the hairstyle name under the example. There are many more styles available if you wish to search for the perfect hair. All hair must have a loop or fold to be secured to the hood. Longer hair, like the 48-inch or ZiZi braids, is 48 inches long but can be cut to your desired length

    This hair can take 6-8 weeks to get in so it is not advised for stock items unless you wish to wait.