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Suspension Cuffs

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Made from heavy 3MM rubber that is strong as the best leather version.

Universal fit is best for pro-Dommes or if mask if being used by multiple partners with varying wrist sizes. The straps will be very long on the small wrist, and at the end of really large wrists. Functionally it makes no different, it is just the aesthetics of the excess or lack of straps looking clean as a good fit.

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For the Suspension Cuffs we're really seeking

  • professional shots (models/photographers are refunded 25% after we receive photos)
  • If you get a variation AND shoot it for us, you get 50% off! (25% advance, 25% refunded after photos are received)
  • Variations with comfortable fuzzy inside
  • Variations with comfortable fuzzy inside in a color other than black
  • Variations - other, suggest some! Ex. dog clips instead of the standard small clips