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Full Restraints

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This is for a heavy 3mm Restraints(1700 PSI), Details below. (For full details see original product description.)

Includes the locking version set. Ankle, Wrist, Bicep, and Thigh. Heavy duty 3mm rubber restraints.

Made of super strong rubber with almost no stretch. This rubber is very resilient and durable, fully capable of withstanding as much force and weight as leather restraints! Shines up just like all your other rubber items for a slick shiny look. Since it is as strong, it is a great way to replace any leather goods you may have, as these items will not rip your rubber from friction!


Restraints fit the following size by default:
(Min and max)
Wrist - 5.5" to 9" 13cm-23cm
Ankle / Upper arm - 8" to 12" 20cm-30cm
Thigh - 17" to 25" 43cm-63cm